Monday, May 21, 2007

Padre Island - Port Aransas

Hi all - I will be in Port Aransas (Padre Island) from June 2 to June 6. I've got a few more sessions available if you're interested.

Busy busy me!!

Hi all - I'm wrapping up the 2007 Senior season. Congrats to all.

We had our 2nd Annual Volleyball & Fish Fry last weekend. Would you believe I didn't take 1 shot? That's right - I never even picked up my camera. However, my assistant Heidi was there to save the day. Once she gives me the pix - I'll upload. We had so much fish - caught by my husband, and our friends Blane Waynes, Rick Waynes, and Kevin Gatlin. In fact, once everyone left for the night, and when I was putting away all the left-overs - I found another HUGE pan of fish we didn't fry. Eeek - guess what I had for dinner the next day? LOL