Monday, March 17, 2008


Meet Daniel – he is my handsome 21-yo son (and single) – works full time and also goes to school. This past weekend, I did a mini-shoot for him. He's going to be in a national magazine for Airsoft. What's Airsoft? It's like Paintball – but with soft BBs. Don't let the images fool ya – he's a sweetie. For those of you that do not know, Daniel was born without a tibia in his left leg. We're not too sure what happened, but God blessed us with him. When he was about 1 yo – he had his leg amputated at the knee. He was a patient of Scottish Rite until he turned 18yo. His disability did NOT hold him back. As a child – he played peewee football for the Vikings (his team was City Champs!) and he also played baseball. He swam, road his bicycle, and even had a mini-bike. During high school, Daniel rose in the ranks at the ROTC for Mesquite High School – even became the lead cadet of all MISD. Pretty impressive huh? Anyway, the magazine decided to feature a story about Daniel and we needed some good shots. Can you believe it? I haven't taken any professional pictures of my son in quite a long time!

Here are a few!

(silly dad & son)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sabbatical is over!

As most of you know - I normally take the winter months off. It's been nice to have the time off, but now I'm ready to get busy!

My family and I had a wonderful Christmas. It was cold - but nice never-the-less.

I had great intentions to send out Christmas cards - but that never happened. Then I had a great idea to send out Happy New Year cards again this year, but never got around to mailing them out. Truth be told - I ordered them and then forgot about them. I put them up in my office and then lost track of them when I reorganized. I found them the other day and thought it was just too late to send out. I ended up throwing them away.

Here's what they looked like -

Just a word of caution - Daniel is helping me again this year. He's officially my intern (aka free labor). He's almost through with this Graphic's Art degree and I can't wait to see what he comes up with this year. He's designing new ANNOUNCEMENTS (GRADS, BABY, WEDDING, ETC) as well as new business cards. I'm in dire need of new cards. I've been using the same design for such a long time and I really need to update.

Daniel will also be updating my blog and myspace pages. We had a great contest last year, and we plan on doing it again. The contest was "Blog for 30 days" - and I'm tasking Daniel with that. Ha - it was hard enough for me to do it - we'll see how he does.

I know I said I was on "sabbatical", but I did manage to do a few sessions. In January, I went to Terrell and photographed about 125 kids in the Upwards Basketball program. I do that every year and it's so much fun. I just love those kids - watching them grow. I also did a few bridal sessions as well as a new baby! You know how I love new babies!!!!

I would share the bridals - but I can't - not until they're married!

This weekend, I'm shooting Daniel. He's going to be in a magazine for Air Soft. I'll let him post the details. I'm also shooting a cute couple - enagement session - oooooh - that one is close to my heart too. It's my little brother!