Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lighting Workshop

Hi - it's been a bit since I last updated. This month has been CrAzY - it was my 23rd anniversary. I'm still "head over heals" in LOVE with my husband. He's my best friend and makes the BEST cream gravy in the world. My little girl also celebrated her 9th birthday, and of course, there was Thanksgiving. Wow - so much going on. I managed to fit in a workshop on lighting. Let me just say - I am thrilled with all I learned. I cannot wait to apply the new techniques I learned to future brides, seniors, and anyone who'll get in front of my camera!!

Location - The Cotton Mill in McKinney, Texas. I wish it were just a bit closer because I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do more sessions out there. The place was an old Cotton Mill - renovated of course. I could spend all day there - just shooting the location. It was great. I still have many images to process from the workshop and will post some of the locations.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Veteran's Day

Thank you to all you brave military men and women who serve our country! You are my hero and I salute you.

Please meet Tim Lee - his is one of my favorite clients. He is a very interesting man and has founded his own ministry: I adore his family and look forward to seeing them every year.