Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gone Green!!!

I've been a bad blogger this past summer. Let me bring you up to speed....

The house flooded - see prior posts. We've finally got our house back in order - new carpet, new wood floors, new paint, and I'm almost done putting everything back where it goes. The joys of packing up like your moving - but not moving is fun - NOT!!!

The summer has been so hot - so I'm thankful that clients have understood and allowed me to schedule their sessions in September and October. Let me tell ya - I'm ready to get past this heat!

As the title says - I've GONE GREEN! Since I had some downtime this summer, I've evalutated my time commitments - to my family - to my full-time job - and to my photography clients. I need a balanced life and have decided to scrap my other portrait collections and introduce a digital collection - The Edwards Collection. I'm so excited.

The Edwards Collection is completely digital and includes a media disc of high-resolution digital images (both color & black and white) from the portrait session with authorization for unlimited personal use. Low-resolution images, which are perfect for web and email), are also included. Of course, I'm well known for my signature linen finish on all portraits - don't worry people - The Edwards Collection offers a 25% discount on ala carte prints and other products. Of course, you know me, I'll throw in a few suprises here and there!

I've been hard at work designing new holiday cards too - as well as new albums for family sessions, senior sessions, and weddings too! Keep checking in - I'm ramping up for another 30 day blog challenge soon!