Thursday, December 28, 2006

More 2007 happenings

Oh boy - I just purchased a new shopping cart system for on-line orders. This is be awesome for those of my clients that are night-owls and for their out-of-town family. In 2007 - you will now be able to order ONLINE!!! You won't have to e-mail me your order, or even call me. However, you know I'm always happy to hear from ya!!!

Stay tuned - more to come!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Thanks to my clients!

I wanted to give a big thanks to my clients who were nice enough to write a "testimonial" for me. I have placed all that I received on my website, and I have sent y'all a 2007 calendar as my thank you gift. Here's a sample of what one looks like (it's me and my assistant Heidi):

Plans for 2007!

I've been getting e-mails, phone calls, and such from past and potential clients. They're all asking me the same things....What's up for 2007?

PLENTY!!!! I'm really gearing for Seniors in 2007, and need models. I'm so excited about some new products, and need models to help me out. So, if you know of any guys and gals that are willing to get their senior portraits done at a discount + cash in the bank - send them my way!!!

I'm also going to partner with a new jewelry vendor. As you all know - I was disappointed when my other gal moved to Europe, but I have found a new one! I love her stuff!!! Stay tuned for some sample products to show up here and there! Oh wait - I just can't wait to show you - here's a sample:

Merry Christmas!

Ok ok ok - so you all know that I had planned to take off the month of December. However, I could I possibly say NO to my favorite clients? Well, I couldn't. So, I made room for the Johnsons', the Lee's and the Hootens'! Here are a few images from their sessions.

Friday, December 01, 2006


Ok troups - thanks for hanging in there. The new site launched today. I'm so pumped. I hope everyone likes it. I have a few tweaks here and there, but for the most part - IT'S DONE!

Check it out!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Website Count Down!

It's coming. I know I keep saying it, but this time - ITS FOR REAL!!! I let the webite designers know that I'm ready to go live, so now the ball is in their court.

I want to take this moment and let the world know that MY CLIENTS ROCKS!!! I asked some recent clients to send me a short testimonal so that I can include it on my website, and what they wrote was so wonderful and had me in tears. IN TEARS I TELL YOU!!!

It was so touching to read such nice things. Thank you all - from the bottom of my heart.

Meet Cameron

Meet Cameron. This handsome young man worked really hard and graduated early! WTG Cameron. He's a talented musian - on a break right now - with plans to go to NTSU. He's pretty tall, and has really pretty hair. I'm sure the girls just go wild.

Meet Jason

Meet Jason. This cutie worked very hard since he was a Freshman and graduated early! Congrats Jason - I'm sure your family is very proud. Jason isn't sure where he's going to school yet - probably will take some classes at the local college - to get the basics out of the way. Sounds like a really good plan to me!

Meet Josh

Meet Josh - his hobbies include hunting. He's graduating in May, 07, and join his father's business. He mother tells me he's talented in CAD design. He's a cute cowboy!!

Holiday Hop Photo Op FLOP

Ok - I've been super duper busy this holiday season. First, I had my 3rd Annual Holiday Hop Photo Op, but it turned into a FLOP! I only had 3 families sign up; however, you know me - I won't leave anyone hanging. So, I met with those families that signed up. We had tons of fun!!! It's probably my last year to do them, but they sure are fun. Never say never, right?

Here's a few image samples.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Meet Brittany!

This bubbly gal has the prettiest eyes. While editing her images, I was just drawn to how pretty they are. She also had the THICKEST hair I've seen in quite sometime. Once Brittany graduates high school, she plans to go to University of Texas (Hook "Em Horns!) to study journalism.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's time for the 3rd Annual Holiday Hop Photo Op! I'm having mini-sessions on November 11th (9 to 12) at Prather Park. To reserve your session, call me today!

The mini-sessions are $45 and include 1 rocking keepsake ornament and 15% off portraits/custom card orders. All holiday cards are 5x7. To veiw some samples, visit my gallery:

These sessions book really fast, so contact me right away!!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

So, where's the new site?

I know I know I know - I've been telling everyone that I am working on a new website. Really, I am. Websites just take a while to build. I'm going to commit to a Nov. 1 launch date. Maybe if I do that - I'll actually spend more time building it. Anyway, here are a couple screen shots.....

It's Sam Again

What an honor for Sam to choose me as her debutant photographer. I was thrilled to photograph this beauty again. We chose a morning session in Prather Park. It was a bit hot for Oct. 1, but we had fun. Sam's dress was absolutely gorgeous.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Meet Sam

Meet Samantha. This year she's a senior and full of personality. After graduation, she's hoping to go to Texas Tech. They'll be lucky to have her. We had a great time at the Dallas Arboretum, and I don't believe I've ever heard a senior giggle like she does. It was so fun to spend the morning with someone like her because she was up for anything! Keep an eye out for this little gal - she's going places!!!

Oh yeah, I'll be photographing her again really soon. This session was just for fun - I'll be taking her Debutaunt (sp?) next month. She'll be wearing a beautiful gown and I just can't wait to see it.

Meet Miranda

Meet Miranda. She's absolutely gorgeous and her personaility is just bubbly. She's due any day now. She was so fun to work with. Oh yea, she's also Savanah's mommy.

Meet Savanah

Please meet Savanah and her family. She's an adorable little 2 year old. She's just full of personality and you can see it in her portraits. Her session was in August and that day was so hot. I mean - really hot. However, we didn't let it get us down.

What's going on?

Wow - I didn't realize how quickly time has passed since I last updated the blog. Shame on me. Now that my daughter is back in school, it seems like I don't any extra time. Why is that I wonder? Oh yeah - those darn school activities!! Reading, homework, gymnastics, etc. Also, since summer is over, I've been pretty busy playing with my camera - Oops - I mean working. Ok - I admit it - I love doing photography because it allows me time to get to know my camera - play with my subjects - and really have fun.

I know I've been writing about a new website, and again, I just haven't had much time to work on it. Believe me - it will be awesome. I'm so excited.

Please keep checking in, and if you see that I'm not updating my blog - ping me and I'll get my "royal bendora" in gear!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I've received so many e-mails about Omega. I just thought I'd drop a note and let you know that she had a baby girl tonight. Everyone is doing well, and I hope to get some pictures of Kiriston (not sure of the spelling) this weekend.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What's up?

Do You Bling?
I'm happy to announce that I have worked out everything with my jewelry vendor and I'm so pleased! I'm back to selling it full-force! I will be relisting it on my site.

Price Increase?
No - I changed my mind. I'm going to push any increases back to 2007. However, I've decided to do away with frames....for now. I've been using a framer from the internet, & I'd really like to use someone locally instead. So, I'm scanning the metroplex for some good-quality framers.

New Website?
Yes, but not yet. It's coming - I promise. I've just been neglecting updating images/rotating images/etc. I'm looking into new designs and new music too. One of these'll see!

Portrait Parties?
I'm scaling the parties back to certain parts of the year. I'd really like to incorporate the parties with my Mother's Day Madness and Holiday Hop Photo Op events. These events are huge! I'm going to have a HHPO in October, and need a hostess - interested? The event will be outdoors & a location decided on soon. I'm scouting a few locations.

{ShelleyStyle} Gallery?
They are already designed, named, and now I need to plug in the images. Don't be suprised if I use your portrait session for a gallery collection!!!

Fall Sessions?
Yes - call now. I have a few openings in September.

Meet Omega

Isn't she simply gorgeous? Omega and I had alot of fun, and she let me try new poses and lighting techniques. It was fun to just play, and it's easy to lose track of time when your client is having fun too.

Omega was right at 8 months pregnant for our session.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Let Freedom Ring!

Hi all - can you believe it's already the July 4th holiday? Unbelievable how quickly time has flown this year.

I took this image last summer at Chandler's Landing in Rockwall, Texas. It was so hot and it was so fun. Always an awesome show out there.

No matter where you celebrate - please drive safely, and most of all, have a great time!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

New Logo is ready!

My new logo is finally ready & I'm so excited to share. Many of you have asked - "what about the butterfly?" - well, I still love them and you'll see them show up now and again.