Monday, September 01, 2008

Hey everyone - please note that I have a new blog address! That's right - I'm moving my blog over to my domain!!!

RIP Blogger - 08/31/08

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gone Green!!!

I've been a bad blogger this past summer. Let me bring you up to speed....

The house flooded - see prior posts. We've finally got our house back in order - new carpet, new wood floors, new paint, and I'm almost done putting everything back where it goes. The joys of packing up like your moving - but not moving is fun - NOT!!!

The summer has been so hot - so I'm thankful that clients have understood and allowed me to schedule their sessions in September and October. Let me tell ya - I'm ready to get past this heat!

As the title says - I've GONE GREEN! Since I had some downtime this summer, I've evalutated my time commitments - to my family - to my full-time job - and to my photography clients. I need a balanced life and have decided to scrap my other portrait collections and introduce a digital collection - The Edwards Collection. I'm so excited.

The Edwards Collection is completely digital and includes a media disc of high-resolution digital images (both color & black and white) from the portrait session with authorization for unlimited personal use. Low-resolution images, which are perfect for web and email), are also included. Of course, I'm well known for my signature linen finish on all portraits - don't worry people - The Edwards Collection offers a 25% discount on ala carte prints and other products. Of course, you know me, I'll throw in a few suprises here and there!

I've been hard at work designing new holiday cards too - as well as new albums for family sessions, senior sessions, and weddings too! Keep checking in - I'm ramping up for another 30 day blog challenge soon!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why So Serious?

That's one of the taglines from the new Batman movie. My son was 4 yo when the VERY first Batman movie (the one with Michael Keaton) first came out - it was also the VERY first movie I ever took him to see. He was SO excited when they resurrected the movie franchise. Personally, I am more fond of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne!!!

Anyway - my son and his friend came just a short while ago to pick something up and would be on their way. I could hear my daughter laughing hysterically and naturally, I had to investigate. I guess you will be able to tell by the snapshots that my son and his friend are VERY eager to go to the midnight showing tonight!

Have fun guys! I still think y'all are big dorks!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


So, that's the text message I received on Monday from my son. THANK GOODNESS he was home!!!!! He woke up to the sound of someone running the shower, however, he was the only one home so he got up to investigate. He put is foot down and felt the "squish" - the carpeting in his room was soaked! He went to the bathroom and saw the flood - it was coming from behind the toilet - water spraying everywhere. The hall way was soaked. The entrance of my office was soaked. The bathroom had a few inches of water. He managed to get the water turned off and went downstairs - where water was gushing from the vents in our kitchen - water EVERYWHERE! It was on the kitchen floor, the dining room floor, the living room floor and even in our pantry! OMG - it's the great flood of 2008!

I called my friend Erika Herman because she owns Cornerstone ChemDry - she sent over a crew to help me with the water extraction - she saved the day!!!

The ceiling in my kitchen area

Daniel used our large trash cans to capture the water rushing from the vents. They were about 3/4 full when I got home.

The hall way upstairs - just outside the bathroom that started the flood.

Another hall way angle.

and here's the thingy that broke. Yeah, I know - I'm married to a plumber - but I don't know what that thingy is called.
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Want to buy my boat?

My hubby wanted to buy a Harley. I told him that he could - IF - he sold the boat and IF we could get a pool. I figured he wouldn't go for it - he loves the boat so much. Imagine my suprise when he came home with a Harley & started cleaning up the boat. So, looks like we'll be getting a pool! We decided to wait until his truck is paid off - which will be soon. Anyway - here are some snapshots of the boat. We've got it listed on Craigs list:

Friday, May 30, 2008

Beautiful Bre!

Here's my lovely senior model for Mesquite High School. I stopped by to take some of her prom pictures - OMG - she was stunning!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Whew - turned out it wasn't a server crash - it was some DNS issue. What a long day! Apparently, I wasn't their only client that felt the impact - I'm sure their phones never stopped ringing today!

Thanks for all the supportative emails! It's very rare for my site to go down, so I knew something major had to have happened.


My apologies - my website and store are currently off line. Not sure what's going on. I'm working with my webhost to get things back up.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email or call me at 214-538-8033.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

More from Downtown Dallas

More pix from my adventure a few weeks ago from Downtown Dallas.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


A friend came in town a few weeks ago and we explored downtown Dallas. We took some pictures of the JFK memorial and Sixth Floor Museum. We didn't go inside - we had all be there before. We just wanted to do a photoadventure. This week, I'll post some of the awesome shots we captured!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


(photo courtesy of LA Murray, Timeless Exposures, 2008)

Here's a poem that my daughter gave me today .....

Now that I am 9 years old
I think it's time that you were told
Exactly what you mean to me
In a you can see

I know you think I just don't care
or maybe that I'm not aware...
of all the things you do for me
I really do ... now let me see

You drive me here ... you drive me there
You clean my dirty underwear!
You cheer me up when I've had a bad day
You always seem to know just what to say

You make my bed when I forget
You give me hugs when I'm upset
I love you Mom, on you I depend
You're not only my mother ... you're my friend

So on that day that I'm driving you crazy
Because I'm being a "smarty" or just lazy
Go to the place where you'll keep this letter
Read it again ... it will make you feel better

I just LOVE my kids!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

She's Got Her "G"!!!

She's got her G - she's now a Groschke!!!! A few weeks ago - I had the absolute honor to photograph the wedding of Kim Viguers and John Groschke. They're such a cute cute couple and are so stinking fun to be around. Weddings usually take me every bit of 4 to 6 weeks to do the processing. I created a slide show for them last weekend because they were just so anxious to see some of the images. It was just a quick draft slideshow, but I knew it would make her mother cry buckets! She called and reported to me that indeed - she did!

Anyway - about the couple. They met at Stephen F. Austin and now live in Houston, Texas. Some fun facts about the couple.....

  • John tore his ACL over Christmas was touch and go if he'd be able to walk at the wedding!

  • Judy, the mom, created & planned Kim's wedding since she was back in Houston taking care of John!
  • Mark, on of Kim's dads, had surgery about a month before the wedding, and had more surgery scheduled a week or so later!
  • I sprained my ankle the Tuesday before the wedding & didn't tell anyone - I was too afraid to freak out Judy! I had to deliver some adorable 3x3 mini-albums for the guests & walked in pain so she wouldn't notice.
  • My 2nd Shooter, Rich, is an amature storm chaser - he had the weather radar on in the back room - if he saw movement - he would have been "otta there"

The weather was fantastic (sorry Richie) - since it was outdoors everyone feared rain - we felt minor sprinkles and then everything just fell into place.

The first 3 pictures you see are so very special - they are actual captures of when John and Kim saw each other for the first time - makes me cry just to see Kim's expression!

Such a BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL Bride!!! I wish I had a camera on Luke (the dad) just so I could see his face in this image - I bet there were tears!

Lovey-Dovey - Kiss Kiss!

Yes, John, I think this was my absolute favorite picture of you of the night! You've married into one spirited - fun-loving family!!! Debbie (the bride's other mom) gave me the heads up this would happen - so I was ready! I can't wait to hear what you do to get them back!

....and they lived happily ever after

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Meet Jessica

She looks like a young Jessica Alba to me. A natural beauty - that's for sure. We had a great time at the Dallas Aboretum - as always - so many places to check out. I was a bit worried at first because it was also Dallas Blooms - which is always so busy! However, the weather worked with us. It was overcast and windy - but we worked with it and got some nice imags! Right when we finished - the sun came out and so did the people! Finished in the nick of time!

Congratulations Jessica - one of my 2008 Seniors!