Sunday, May 11, 2008


(photo courtesy of LA Murray, Timeless Exposures, 2008)

Here's a poem that my daughter gave me today .....

Now that I am 9 years old
I think it's time that you were told
Exactly what you mean to me
In a you can see

I know you think I just don't care
or maybe that I'm not aware...
of all the things you do for me
I really do ... now let me see

You drive me here ... you drive me there
You clean my dirty underwear!
You cheer me up when I've had a bad day
You always seem to know just what to say

You make my bed when I forget
You give me hugs when I'm upset
I love you Mom, on you I depend
You're not only my mother ... you're my friend

So on that day that I'm driving you crazy
Because I'm being a "smarty" or just lazy
Go to the place where you'll keep this letter
Read it again ... it will make you feel better

I just LOVE my kids!!!!

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