Friday, August 31, 2007

Taz Got Me!

I have an amazing photographer friend (very young too) up in Mass - right outside Boston. Well apparentely, she's been playing a game of TAG with a few other photographers, and now I'm it! Funny - now I have to tell 8 things that most people don't know about me, and then tag 8 more photographers.

This is hard - I have to think of 8 things about myself now.......

1) I cannot stand to have ANYTHING under my bed.
2) I once did a back-flip off my mother's coffee table.....and spent the rest of the evening in the ER when I cracked my head open. I can still feel the scar under my scalp & sometimes get headaches there.
3) I know how to salom ski - my husband wouldn't let me get back in the boat until I got up.
4) I love to fish - but I HATE to take the fish off the hook. So, I act scared so my husband will take it off for me.
5) I've called my dad "Poops" since I was a little girl.
6) One of my favorite memories is shagging golf balls for my grandfather - he was hard of hearing. So, when we went places - I would always yell at him so he could hear me. Don't you know that stores/restaurants hated me.
7) I'm extremely organized - everything has a place and there is a place for everything.
8) I love to go shopping. I can spend hours in the mall and not buy a single thing.

So, these gals are now it!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Last call for the Fall Special!

Remember - the Fall Special expires on August 31. Once you book your session, you'll receive 25 FREE Christmas cards AND a 3x3 mini album. OMG - it's adorable and everyone will want to have one and be just like you!!!

Today was another great day. I have several recruiters working for me and things are really looking great. I've received several emails urging me to go full-time w/my photography business. I can't tell you how much I would LOVE to do that, but unfortunately, my severance package didn't allow me much of a runway - so I have to find a job pretty soon. I don't want to have to dip into my savings account if I don't have to. On a fun note though - I am advertising in a few local school sports programs. I've even been invited by the Skeeters (MHS) to shoot a few home games! That will be fun. I get a field pass and everything - very official!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mercy me - it was a GREAT day!!!

So, if you've been following my blog, you know that I was laid off on Monday. I was "shocked" on Monday, and was "Mopey" on Tuesday. However, today, Wednesday, I look at it as a blessing. I updated my resume, contacted a few recruiters, have a few appointments already lined up, and several leads. I was touched that so many people offered to help me with my resume (it was quite dusty) and went out of their way to make calls on my behalf. Can you believe that? I love my friends! To top it all off - I received BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL flowers from a "Secret Somebody" - THANK YOU - they really made my day. Mercy me - talk about timing.

Once I got the flowers - things just fell into perspective. It was just a job. I can get another one. The most important things in my life are my family. The love of my husband. When he hugs me - all my problems just just melt away. When I hear my daughter laugh - I want to laugh with her because her giggles are so contageous. I wish I could bottle them up to use later when I'm feeling sad. When I see my son smile - I just know he's got some funny joke he's about to tell me. They are what is most important in my life. I'm so blessed.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Today was my Mopey day

So today I decided that it would be my mopey day. I figured after 7 years with one company, I deserved one day to be sad about leaving it. I didn't do much - proofed a few sessions - and took a nap. On top of everything that's been going on this week - I'm sick. I may need to go to the Dr - not sure what's wrong - nagging cough and no voice. It's probably allergies.

Today I also participated in a Fantacy Football Draft. I've never played before so this will be exciting. I forgot that the draft started at 7pm - and by the time I remembered - the computer picked for me. I think I got some good players.

I wanted to give a shout out to all my friends at BP - thanks for all your emails and IMs - they've all meant so much - I'll miss you all.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Have you ever had a really really bad day? Well, I had one today. I got laid off at my day job. They said that my position was no longer needed. WOW! I was the only one that knew how to operate the Definity Phone system, so not sure what they're going to do there - I guess contract out; however, I REFUSE to let it get me down. So, I've decided to have a "BAD DAY SPECIAL".

If you book your session with me today by 10:00pm - you will receive 10% off your portrait order. Don't forget - I'm running another special right now too. If you book by 8/31 - you'll receive 25 FREE Christmas cards AND my new 3x3 mini-album.

So, if you book today - you'll receive 10% off your portrait order, 25 FREE Christmas cards, and a FREE 3x3 mini-album.

That's not too bad if you ask me!!!!

I got caught!

Congratulations to Judy Ford for catching me not blogging yesterday. I'll be in touch Judy!

Here is an adorable shot of Bre Waynes. I did her senior portraits yesterday and we had such a blast. It was terribly hot, but once we got in the creekbed - it was actually quite nice!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Who Is That Masked Woman?

Last week I got treated to a Repechage facial. My friend Pam, who is an awesome stylist by the way, decided to practice a new facial technique on me. Basically, she gave my skin a 2nd change - nourish and hydrate - both of which is something my face despirately needs!

This was the first time I ever had a facial done before, and I'll tell you one thing - it won't be my last either ! It was heaven.

Pam set the mood by setting up very relaxing music. It was heaven just to lay there - I could feel the stress lifting already. She applied a few layers of Paraffin. It was hot at first, but then it wasn't too bad. Soon it felt really nice. While the Parrifin was setting, she have my hands a "hot stone" massage - talk about feeling a little Zen!!!!

I highly recommend calling Pam and scheduling a facial. You can be like me - and do a full day of beauty - cut - color - facial! You can reach Pam Cox at Bella Salon 972.613.1107

Friday, August 24, 2007


Chances are, if you have a little girl (maybe boy too), that is between 5 and 16, you know what HSM2 stands for. For those of you that dont - High School Musical 2. Oh my goodness - it's about all we hear about in the house from Cameron. I still haven't seen the original HSM. From my undertanding - it's the "new" Grease. AS IF!!!

Anyway - earlier this year, I took Cameron to see HSM at American Airlines Center. We styled it up too - we were in a suite!

Here are a few shots of Cameron enjoying the HSM "live" in concert.

Ha - here it is Friday night & I was just about to watch a DVD I got in the mail tonight. Thankfully Cameron, yes Cameron, my 8 year old, reminded me that I needed to Blog. She's helping me keep up with my 30 day challenge. Thanks Cameron!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Walking In LA

So earlier this year, I had to go on a business trip to Los Angeles. I had never been there before. On one of our free days, we did the tourist stuff - drove around Hollywood. Wow - TV just doesn't do it justice. During the trip, I only saw 2 movie stars. You'd never guess in a million years who - so I'll just tell ya. Ted Danson and his wife Mary Steenburgeon (sp?). He's older looking than I thought (and tall), and she's adorable. I was actually walking back to my table when I noticed them. I did a double take because they looked familiar and I didn't know why. LOL - I'm sure they get that alot. You know - now that I think of it - I also saw Kat Von D (for those Miami and LA Ink fans). Funny - it was when I was leaving the restaurant that I saw Ted Danson. At first I thought "that pretty girl sure does have on an ugly shirt" - then I realized it was tattoos! She's much shorter than she appears on TV (ok, she's still taller than me!). I also "think" I saw Steven Segal on Rodeo Drive, but I'm not totally sure it was him. So, I'll count it anyway!

Later that night we went to Grauman's Chinese Theater. It was fun putting my hands/feet in the star's hand/foot prints. For the record, I thought John Wayne's "boot-prints" would be much larger. Other observations - Marilyn Monroe had man hands & Betty Grable and I share the same shoe size. In fact, Debbie Reynolds & I do too!

During our day trip, we took a drive down Mulholland Drive (pictured below) and the scenery was breath-taking. it was a bit "smoggy", but what else can you expect in LA, right?

We also went to have a few drinks at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Wow - it was cool. We drove around Sunset Blvd (a shot of a Beverly Hills Cop is also below!). Sunset BLVD - is awesome. Night-clubs everywhere. It where all the action is. Drove my Whiskey-A-Go-Go (any Doors fans?), the Viper Room (River Phoenix fans?), and continued our drive until we dead-ended to the Pacific Ocean. Yep - Drove along the PCH and saw the Santa Monica Pier.......then got lost on the highway!

Have you been to LA? If so - tell me about your trip!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Catch me in 30 days!

The first person to catch me NOT blogging everday will receive a free portrait session! do you think you can catch me? I'll promise to post something meaningful - not something just for the sake of posting. I want this to be fun for all new and existing clients, and something fun for me too!

Feel free to drop me a line - I'd love to know what you think about this challenge.

Fall Promotions

Hi all - it's that time of year - it's time to schedule your Fall Portrait session!!! If you secure your session by August 31, 2007, you will receive 25 free Christmas Cards AND one of my newest items - a 3x3 mini-album.

Here's something else that is new - I've decided to follow the lead of some of my photographer friends and blog for 30 days straight! The first person that catches me NOT blogging will win a free portrait session! I've got until 11:59 PM CST to blog! Do you think I can do it? Well - just try & catch me if you can!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fun Jetskis

Its a sad time - we decided to sell our jet skis. We absolutely love them and they are so much fun. I believe we've been to the lake every weekend this summer just to ride them. Unfortunately, we just don't have the space to keep them anymore. I won't bore you with the details, but storage for a boat and jet skiis is expensive. Something had to go and Michael wants to keep the boat. You know how he loves to fish, and I'm not giving up my spot in the garage!!!

Anyway - we listed the jet skiis on Craig's List earlier this evening ( If you know of anyone that is interested in them (or if you are) - have them call my husband Michael at 972.342.1389.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I've got a secret!!!

Believe it or not - my husband and I are celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary this year in Playa del Carmen at the Secrets Resort.... - I'm so excited. We're in the process of getting our passports, and will be vacationing this November. We're so excited. Its our first trip out of the states and without kids! My husband is treating me to 1st class tickets - oh boy! We're styling now.

If you've been there - please ping me! I want to hear about your trip - all the "must dos" and "don't bothers".