Thursday, June 26, 2008


So, that's the text message I received on Monday from my son. THANK GOODNESS he was home!!!!! He woke up to the sound of someone running the shower, however, he was the only one home so he got up to investigate. He put is foot down and felt the "squish" - the carpeting in his room was soaked! He went to the bathroom and saw the flood - it was coming from behind the toilet - water spraying everywhere. The hall way was soaked. The entrance of my office was soaked. The bathroom had a few inches of water. He managed to get the water turned off and went downstairs - where water was gushing from the vents in our kitchen - water EVERYWHERE! It was on the kitchen floor, the dining room floor, the living room floor and even in our pantry! OMG - it's the great flood of 2008!

I called my friend Erika Herman because she owns Cornerstone ChemDry - she sent over a crew to help me with the water extraction - she saved the day!!!

The ceiling in my kitchen area

Daniel used our large trash cans to capture the water rushing from the vents. They were about 3/4 full when I got home.

The hall way upstairs - just outside the bathroom that started the flood.

Another hall way angle.

and here's the thingy that broke. Yeah, I know - I'm married to a plumber - but I don't know what that thingy is called.
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Mariel said...

OH MY GOSH! Same thing happened to me a month after I moved into my first house! All our carpet and baseboards had to be replaced. We weren't home and our dog bit the supply line (I think that is called!) to the toilet. Ugh such a mess. Sorry you have to deal with it!

Heidi said...

Oh Shell! That totally bites! Glad Erika could get a crew in....